Voice User Interfaces

Voice interfaces are intuitive and natural. They allow the control of devices by voice and provide feedback and guidance by speech. With a voice interface users can operate devices easily and safely even when their hands and eyes are busy. There is no need for them to press buttons, look at a display or remember what flashing lights mean.

As the leading supplier of speech technologies for mobile devices NowSpeak makes this exciting new user experience possible so come and talk to us about your project.

Voice Commands

Hands-free call answering by saying "answer" or "ignore".

Make calls and control device just by speaking a command.

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Voice Trigger

Fully hands-free operation.

All the user has to do is speak the trigger phrase to wake up the device.

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Hear caller's name on incoming call and device name when pairing.

Phone numbers spoken as a continuous set of digits.

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Voice Prompts

Guide the user through the pairing and connecting process.

Inform the user of device status such as "battery low".

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Give the user complete control over their music player with specially designed voice commands.

Offer users an enhanced experience with prompts and TTS mixed with music.

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Sports & Wearables

Let the user know how their training session is going with spoken updates on distance, heart rate and calories burnt.

Custom voice commands give the user control on when and what information they hear.

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For talking on the move, we offer the ultimate in speech recognition accuracy that is robust to noise whether on the street, in a cafe or in a car.

Spoken caller ID means no need to look at phone.

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A complete hands-free voice interface for automotive car kits.

Including our voice trigger and speech recognition that make it possible to answer and make calls without touching a button or reading a screen.

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