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Leading hands-free voice interface
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Voice Interfaces

NowSpeak develops innovative, next generation speech technologies designed to power voice interfaces for Bluetooth® mono and stereo headsets, speakerphones and speakers.

Using NowSpeak speech recognition, text-to-speech and compressed pre-recorded prompt technology, many Bluetooth brands and manufacturers have enhanced their devices with advanced voice interface features. With a voice interface there is no need for users to look at or touch their phones or Bluetoooth device when they are driving.

As the leading supplier of speech technology, NowSpeak can provide all you need to create a voice interface that adds advanced features to your device:

Caller ID and phone name announcement - text-to-speech announces name or number so the user knows who's calling

Hands-free call answering - no need to press a button, user can say"answer" or "ignore" to accept or reject the call

Voice dialling - make and return calls by voice, for instance "voice assistant" or "redial last number"

Voice control - user can initiate pairing and check the battery level of device with their voice

Spoken guidance and status - such as guiding the user through the pairing process and telling them when their battery needs recharging

Hands-free voice activation - an always listening mode where the user just says the activation phrase and the device is ready for voice command

Voice Technologies and Applications

Over many years of research NowSpeak has developed innovative and world leading speech technologies. We have the most accurate automatic speech recognition (ASR), the most natural sounding text-to-speech (TTS), and the highest quality compressed pre-recorded prompt (PRP) technologies with support for all major languages.

When combined, these speech technologies provide the smallest footprint voice interface for Bluetooth mono and stereo headsets and aftermarket and installed hands-free car kits.

With hands-free call answering, voice control and spoken guidance you are adding significant voice features and hence value to your products. It makes your products safer and easier to use while driving and most importantly enhances your customers' user experience.

Our speech technologies are software only and can be delivered integrated into fully voice enabled applications targeted at mono and stereo headsets and speakerphones. The voice enabled applications support all the main voice interface features significantly reducing your development time and risk.

If you need something different then talk to us, we have the expertise to customise our technologies to meet your requirements.