NowSpeak ASR for
CSR8670 and
BC5 Multimedia

High performance multi-lingual
speech recognition designed
for Bluetooth devices

speech recognition

Super accurate speech recognition
for Bluetooth devices

"Call from John Smith"


ASR on CSR BC5-MM chipset

Speech Recognition

NowSpeak speech recognition brings voice control to your Bluetooth device. Answer a call, control the device and query its status just by speaking. When voice control is combined with NowSpeak text-to-speech and compressed prompts you have a truly hands-free voice interface for Bluetooth devices.

When a call comes in the user can take the call or ignore it, without pressing a button, by saying "answer" or "ignore". They can make calls by saying "voice assistant" or "redial last number" and control the device with commands such as "check battery" or "am I connected".

NowSpeak has optimised its speech recognition technology to work effectively in real world, high noise conditions, such as during motorway driving. Built-in noise filtering significantly reduces the effect of car noise and background babble so that voice commands are recognised accurately and reliably.


  • Speaker independent recognition technology, no user training required
  • Hands-free call answering, make calls and control device by voice
  • Voice activation for totally hands-free voice interface
  • Optimised for bluetooth device use in real world conditions
  • Works in-car at motorway speeds with high accuracy
  • Fast and responsive, recognition performed in real-time
  • Small footprint allows multiple languages in a 16Mbit flash
  • Reference application with full voice interface available

Totally Hands-Free
Voice Interface

Bluetooth headset and speakerphones are used when people are busy, for instance while driving. To reduce the need to look at Bluetooth device and press buttons you can have a totally hands-free voice interface with NowSpeak always listening mode.

In this mode an activation phrase is used to wake up the device so it is ready and listening for a voice command. You say an activation phrase, such as "activate voice control", the device will respond with "say a command".

So while you are driving there is no need to press a button to answer or make a call - it is all done just by voice!

Voice Enabled Applications

If you want to experience the performance of our speech recognition then we have demonstration applications for both the BC5MM and CSR8670 development boards. This will let you try it out at the press of a button.

We can also provide you with a fully voice enabled headset and car kit application, based on CSR qualified application code. This application is fully functional and "ready to go" into a product, significantly reducing development risk and speeding up time to market.

If you want to differentiate from competitors then you can use our application as a reference design for the integration of NowSpeak voice interface technologies into your own software.

Contact NowSpeak to get more details of our voice enabled applications.

CSR 8670 development board