NowSpeak PRP for
CSR8670 and
BC5 Multimedia

High quality, small footprint compressed
pre-recorded prompts designed
for Bluetooth devices

text-to-speech - caller announce, guidance and device status

The highest quality compressed prompts
for Bluetooth devices

"Please pair phone now"
"Please select language"
"Please recharge now"

Device Status
"End of call"
"English selected"
"Loading phonebook"

Prompts on CSR8670 chipset

Compressed Pre-recorded Prompts

NowSpeak has developed the highest quality compressed pre-recorded prompt (PRP) technology for the CSR BC5MM and CSR8670 Bluetooth platforms.

You can help the user with guidance through the pairing process and keep them informed about the state of the device, such as battery level and connection status.

With NowSpeak compressed pre-recorded prompt technology there is no need for the user to remember what those flashing LED's mean, your device will tell them.


  • High quality, small footprint, compressed pre-recorded prompts
  • Scalable compression to match your quality and memory requirements
  • Prompt voice is the same as TTS voice so you get consistent voice interface
  • Full prompt customisation service to help you differentiate from your competitors
  • Database of prompts in multiple languages available
  • Reference application with full voice interface, based on CSR qualified code

Voice Enabled Applications

If you would like to hear the quality of our compressed pre-recorded prompts then we have demonstration application for both the BC5MM and CSR8670 development boards. This will let you hear our prompts at the press of a button.

We can also provide you with a fully voice enabled headset and car kit application, based on CSR qualified application code. This application is fully functional and "ready to go" into a product, significantly reducing development risk and speeding up time to market.

If you want to differentiate from competitors then you can use our application as a reference design for the integration of NowSpeak voice interface technologies into your own software.

Contact NowSpeak to get more details of our voice enabled applications.

CSR 8670 development board