NowSpeak TTS for
CSR8670 and
BC5 Multimedia

Natural and fluent multi-lingual
text-to-speech designed
for Bluetooth devices

text-to-speech - caller announce, guidance and device status

Most natural sounding text-to-speech
for Bluetooth devices

Pairing Guidance
"Connected to Jane's phone"
"Enter pin code 1234"

Caller Announce
"Call from 021 564 9855"
"Call from John Smith"

Device Status
"Jane's phone disconnected"
"Battery 80%"

TTS on CSR BC5-MM chipset


NowSpeak's world leading multi-lingual text-to-speech technology has been optimised for the CSR BC5MM and CSR8670 single chip Bluetooth platforms. With the smallest memory footprint of any BlueCore TTS coupled with wideband audio output to give you the highest quality text-to-speech on a low cost platform.

Text-to-speech enhances the voice interface of your Bluetooth device improving the user's experience. They can hear who is calling and decide whether or not to answer and can be kept informed about the status of the device, such as battery level and phone connection. Add to this NowSpeak speech recognition and you have a totally hands-free voice interface.

Our TTS technology can be used to speak a wide range of text including people's names, phone names, phone numbers, music metadata such as album, artist and song title and radio station names.


  • High quality TTS voices producing the natural and fluent speech
  • Optimised to speak caller and phone names
  • Continuous digits speaking for phone numbers and pin codes
  • Wideband audio generated in real-time
  • Wide range of languages supported
  • Small footprint allows multiple languages in a 16Mbit flash
  • Compatible with CSR audio plug-in architecture
  • Reference application with full voice interface available

Zero Footprint Prompts

Nowspeak TTS technology is designed to speak dynamic data, such as caller ID and phone names. However, because our TTS voice quality is so good it is possible to use it to speak fixed device prompts, offering 100% reduction in the memory required for compressed prompts.

This offers developers a viable, zero footprint alternative to compressed pre-recorded prompts when flash space is at a premium.

Include NowSpeak TTS as part of your Bluetooth voice interface and you get fixed prompts for no additional memory cost.

Voice Enabled Applications

If you would like to hear our fluent and natural sounding text-to-speech then we have demonstration applications for both the BC5MM and CSR8670 development boards. This will let you hear our TTS at the press of a button.

We can also provide you with a fully voice enabled headset and car kit application, based on CSR qualified application code. This application is fully functional and "ready to go" into a product, significantly reducing development risk and speeding up time to market.

If you want to differentiate from competitors then you can use our application as a reference design for the integration of NowSpeak voice interface technologies into your own software.

Contact NowSpeak to get more details of our voice enabled applications.

CSR 8670 development board