NowSpeak announces release of new Compressed Prompt technology

Farnham, UK, June 2013 - With the release the its new compressed pre-recorded prompt technology, NowSpeak now delivers the highest quality and smallest footprint technology to bluetooth device developers. "The technology supports scalable compression so we can match both the quality and memory requirements of our customers", said Allan Davison, NowSpeak Director.

Prompts are a fundamental component of the voice interface for bluetooth devices, such as mono headsets, car kits and speakers. They provide user with guidance and keep them informed about status of bluetooth device.

In addition to licensing its compressed pre-recorded prompt technology NowSpeak has the expertise to provide a full prompt customisation service, including in-house recording studio, professional voice artists and sophisticated audio post processing to ensure prompts have maximum impact.

NowSpeak is the leading provider of speech technologies for CSR BC5MM and CSR8670 bluetooth platforms and a CSR eXtension partner. They license speech recognition, text-to-speech and compressed prompt technology to Tier 1 brands such as Motorola, Jabra, LG and Supertooth. For more information please contact