Mobile TTS for BlueCore solution available

May 2006

NowSpeak Technologies today announced the release its Mobile TTS engine for CSR's single chip Bluetooth solution, BlueCore™.  This world leading TTS solution allows the significant enhancement of Bluetooth headsets and hands-free car kits enabling them to speak the name or number of the caller.

"The benefits to the busy user on the move cannot be underestimated.  For the first time they will be able to hear the name of the caller and decide if they want to accept or reject a call." said Allan Davison, Commercial Director of NowSpeak Technologies.

In addition the user will also be able to hear devices status information such as "battery low" or "network coverage lost" warnings as well as receiving spoken guidance for activities such as pairing.

The NowSpeak TTS system provides a unique combination of natural sounding speech and small resource footprint which makes it ideal for mobile devices. It is a software only solution that exploits the power of the BlueCore DSP to synthesis speech from text in real time.

The TTS system is multilingual and supports the major European, North and South American and Mandarin languages. There are two versions of the system available one that speaks digit strings such as phone numbers and fixed phrase and second version that can speak callers name in addition to digit strings and fixed phrases.