NowSpeak adds FM frequency speaking to its popular TTS for BlueCore solution

September 2007

An exciting new feature of the latest after-market bluetooth handsfree car kit is the addition of an FM transmitter. This allows drivers to listen to phone calls and music from their phone in high quality through the car sound system. To support this feature and make it as easy to use as possible NowSpeak Technologies have added FM frequency speaking to its TTS for BlueCore solution.

The handsfree car kit scans for a free FM channel and using NowSpeak TTS speaks frequency such as "ninety six point four". The user can tune their car stereo to this frequency to hear phone calls and music from phone.

NowSpeak Technologies is based in the UK and is the world leading supplier of TTS technology for Bluetooth devices. It provides a high quality multi-lingual text-to-speech solution for CSR's BlueCore single chip bluetooth platform.