Speech Products

Working with Tier 1 brands and major OEMs we have developed a range of voice interface products, tools and services to meet our customer's requirements.

We can provide reference application source code for stereo speaker, mono and stereo headset and automotive car kit projects that can be used directly in your product or software development kits to allow integration into your own application code.

If you need something special then we can customise our speech products and technologies to help differentiate your product from all the others.

Our speech products support a range of advanced voice features.

Voice Enabled Application

Fully voice enabled sample application that is based on Qualcomm qualified application code targeted at bluetooth speakers, mono and stereo headsets and car kits.

We do not charge for access to this sample application so this is a zero cost option that significantly reduces your software development effort and so time to market.

Our sample application demonstrates the following voice interface features:

  • Voice commands - a complete set of voice commands have been fully implemented as part of the application. For instance, the "check battery" command will respond with the actual battery level and "pair new device" will initiate the pairing sequence.
  • Always-on listening mode - uses our voice trigger technology to detect trigger phrase. The trigger phrase and voice command are spoken as a single phrase, for instance "Okay NowSpeak redial last number"
  • Hands-free call answering - no need to touch device, the user can respond to incoming call by saying "answer" or "ignore"
  • Caller ID announcement - on an incoming call the name or number of the caller will be spoken
  • Phone name speaking – on connection and disconnection the application uses TTS to speak the device's name.
  • Voice prompts - High quality pre-recorded compressed prompts are spoken by the application to provide status updates such as "low battery".

Software Development Kits

If you have your own application software then integration of our speech technologies is made as simple as possible with our comprehensive software development kits.

These software development kits contain all you need to integrate our voice trigger, speech recognition, text-to-speech and voice prompt technologies into your application and create a voice interface for your product.

Our SDK's contain the following components:

  • Speech libraries - our speech technologies are provided as BlueCore kap files and as DSP libraries so that they can be integrated with other DSP modules.
  • Application audio plug-in - we are compatible with Qualcomm audio plug-in architecture making our technology easy to integrate into your software.
  • Full API documentation - including an overview of the architecture of our speech systems in addition to a full specification and description of interface functions and parameters
  • Simple, executable code - examples of how to use our API to implement key voice interface features.
  • Voice prompts and voice commands - a complete set of prompts and commands is provided in all supported languages. So there is no need to worry about recordings or translations.
  • Multi-lingual support - you can start with a single language and then add others as required. There is no charge for using additional languages.