Services and Support


Within NowSpeak we have decades of expertise and experience of research and development of speech technologies as well as the design of voice interfaces for customers.

We are the most experienced BlueCore specialist and have been working with CSR (now Qualcomm) since 2005 and have successfully delivered voice user interfaces for more than 70 projects. This enables us to offer you the very best voice user interface design and excellent support for integration and the rapid deployment of speech technologies in your products.

Our speech technologies have been designed with a flexible architecture and are available in both floating point and fixed point C versions. They are structured in platform dependant and independent layers that are quick to port to new platforms.

Contact us for details of supported DSP and processor platforms.

Customisation Services

Through customisation we can help you differentiate from your competitors and create a user interface that will be the voice of your products. We have the expertise required to customise all aspects of the voice interface, including our own recording studio and tools enabling us to produce very high quality prompts and, being close to London, we have access to the best voice talent for all languages.

Voice Commands

Using voice commands you can make the key features of your product accessible without the need for buttons.

We can create the set of commands to match your features quickly and without the need for expensive recordings.

Trigger Phrases

Voice trigger phrases are a key part of the branding for your product.

We can help you get the right phrase that ensures you get the best trigger recognition performance.

New Languages

We can add a new language for voice trigger, speech recognition or text-to-speech in a matter of a few weeks.

So if you need a language that we do not currently have, then we can add support for it as part of your product development project.

Voice Prompts

Let us manage the whole process of multi-lingual prompts for you.

Once you have defined a set of prompts in your reference language we look after translation, recording and processing of prompts into all other languages you require.