About us

NowSpeak Technologies

NowSpeak is a speech technology company specialising in embedded software. We are the leading supplier of voice trigger (VT), automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS) and compressed pre-recorded prompt (PRP) technologies to the Bluetooth market. Our speech technologies feature in tens of millions of devices and millions of people use NowSpeak powered voice interfaces every day.

We have been developing for the CSR BlueCore platform since 2005 and we were the first company to successfully demonstrate sophisticated speech technology on BlueCore. We were the first CSR eXtension partner and the first to bring a speech solution to the market and in early 2006 we were selected by Motorola to provide text-to-speech for their T505 hands-free car kit.

Since then we have worked with Tier 1 and other major customers and have successfully completed more than 70 customer projects. As a result of this success we have more BlueCore application and Kalimba DSP expertise and experience than any other eXtension partner.

NowSpeak also has considerable experience in user interface design which enables us to work with you to ensure that your voice interfaces provide the best possible user experience.

We are continually investing in research and development facilities and tools to enable us to improve the performance and feature sets of our technologies. As an example we have invested in our own vocal recording booth specifically designed to enable us to capture recordings required for the development, customisation and testing of our speech technologies.